• Individual Therapy

    Are you feeling tired, stressed out, drained, and just not yourself? 

    Are you having a difficult time focusing on work or other daily obligations?

    Are you going through a difficult life transition- career change, retirement, death of a loved one, break up or divorce?

    Are you struggling with parenting challenges and need a place to figure things out?

    Are you struggling with body image, chronic yo-yo dieting, and difficulty starting and maintaining healthy habits?

    We strive to provide a non-judgmental, supportive environment to meet your individual needs. We combine evidence based techniques to aid clients in the discovery of their authentic Self and heal while restoring balance. Clients report finding a new way to see themselves, their struggles, as well as new ways to approach situations to find more peace and calm within their own lives. 

    If you’d like to experience how therapy could help you find balance, please contact us today for an appointment.